Grunk Magnetic Koozie
Grunk Magnetic Koozie

Grunk Magnetic Koozie

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Stronger than Ali's Jab, this magnetic koozie is one of the most innovative products on the market. It will blow you away!

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Stonger than Ever

Grunk Magnetic Koozie

The Grunk Magnetic Koozie is the most innovative product in the golf community. At Grunk HQ we strive for quality over everything, this koozie exemplifies that. This will hold a full beer stuck to your cart while you drive without an issue.

Dont Drink Warm Beer

With the Grunk Mangnetic Koozie, cup holders are all but forgotten and your beer will stay colder longer! Never be left sipping on a warm beer again. Keep your beer cold and your putter hot!

Don't take our word for it


Tested it out with a tall boy last weekend and withstood it. I'm impressed. This koozie is a game changer!

Johnathan H.

San Antonio, TX


Must have for every golfer! Magnet will hold a full beer to your cart while you take your shot! I got 4 that will always live in my golf bag!

Gary M.

Orlando, FL


Fun koozie and great conversation starter. Holds on to the cart amazingly. I don’t know how well it insulates because who the hell drinks beer slowly?

Holden B.

San Diego, CA