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There I stood on the par 3 17th at PGA West, 140 yards onto an island surrounded by water. The setting to this day is one of the most impressive I've found at a golf course. 140 yards is a smooth 8 iron for me, so I stepped up, stood over the ball, dialed in on the flag, and subsequently skulled my ball into the water. I then proceeded to toss said iron into the water in a fit of rage. As I bent down to re-tee for my third shot it hit me, Golf absolutely sucks. That moment in time created an existential question for me personally. What is the Purpose of Golf? Why do we insist on coming back for more, knowing damn well there are more big beautiful bodies of water just waiting to swallow our balls and dreams? The answer to that question birthed the greatest idea I’ve had in my life. I realized at that moment that golf was not about getting it onto the green, hitting fairways, or even getting it into the hole. Golf, to me, that day became about one thing and one thing only... Having Fun. It was from that epiphany that Grunk Dolfer was born. I grabbed my two best friends, begged them for money and off we sailed into the proverbial sunset. Our mission is simple; Care more about the time you have with your people than you do about the scorecard. If you can do that, you too can be a Grunk Dolfer. So there it is, sit back and enjoy the ride... oh and please buy our shit.

Hugs and Kisses,

Nick Bender

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