Charter Membership

Charter Membership

Why should people buy?

The charter member club is an offer of our first products that will only be available for a very limited time and to a limited number of people. The price is a steal and it comes with a lifetime discount of 20% off future orders.

You know how much original Air Jordan’s go for these days right?

Need I say more.

Why launch like this?

We are launching this way because we are super pumped to get our brand out to you and build a dope community of like minded Grunks. More premium polos will soon follow but the charter membership packages are exclusive to the early birdies and won’t be released again.

Who should NOT buy?

Do you own a salmon colored cotton polo? Do you make your buddies pay up if they own you after a round? Did you show up to the course in a minivan? Does your wife expect you home after 18 holes? Do you put waters in your ice chest? Do you have iron covers? If you answered yes to any of these, please pick up your next polo at your nearest thrift store. 

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